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Mt. Washington 5K Race October 2016

Thank you for everyone who participated in 2015 5K race. This year’s Mt. Washington 5K Race will be October 2016. To sign up for this years race please call (513) 852-1895. Here are the results for 2013:

Men Runners

Top Runner over all

Kyle Durham    18       16.36.35

Top Male 12 & under

1) Griffin Harding    8     29.36.89

2) Brogan Harding  12    31.07.72

Top Males 13 to 18

1) Mitch Stone  15   18.43.29

2) Josh Levin   16   19.25.01

Top Males 25 to 29

1)  Jeff Scheper    28  20.02.92

2) Alex Paskel       25  21.08.33

Top Males 30 to 34

1) Chris McMahon  31   18.43.46

2) Tim Trucco             34   22.10.73

Top Males 35 to 39

1) MikeRegan    35   23.43.28

2) John Cranley  39 26.27.97

Top Males 40 to 44

1) Greg Matzinger       44   27.25.96

2)Willis Lorensen          43   49.36.88

Top Males 45 to 49

1) Aaron Levin   47  52.02.00

Top Males 50 to 59

1) Scott Nutter   50 21.01.13

2) James Crosset  56   22.06.80

Top Males 60 to 69

1) John Osterbrink  61  39.06.64

2) Cal Johnson           68  43.25.81


Male Overall Walker

David Legg    76   35.57.49

Top Males 29 & under

1) Nathan Remotigue    11   41.47.30

2) Logan   Remotigue       6   44.28.27

Top Males 30 to 39

1) Mike Stone    31   43.22.37

2) Joshua Walker   34   454.43.84

Top Males 40 to 49

1)      Mark Harding   43    47.20.15

2)      Scott Hysell       43   47.48.55

Top Males 50 to 59

1) Alan Elgersma   52   42.50.88

2) Mike Combs     57   51.49.11

Top Males 60-97

1) Wayne Himaman    79   36.0089

2) Ran Gupta                  65   44.28.80


Female over all Runner

Laura Schrand      27   24.50.66

Top Females 12 and under

1) Sarah Metz   12    35.44.84

2) Sarah Murphy   9   40.37.50

Top Females 13 to 18

1) Michelle Rhodes   13  26.44.90

2) Madalyn Graves    13  35.44.96

Top Females 19 to 24

1) Jess Summers        24   47.59.79

2) Katelyn Clouser     20  49.20.36

Top Females 25 to 29

1) Rachel Newton      27  26.52.09

2) Michelle Hirschfeld    26  29.19.65

Top Females 30 to 34

1) Karla Cruz   34   28.21.81

2) Liz Engelhardt   31   29.19.73

Top Females 35 to 39

1) Krista Sigler   38  37.51.41

2) Jaclyn  Madill   39  46.57.49

Top Females 40 to 44

1) Carol Adams   40  25.48.67

2) Nathalie Panczuk   44   32.24.86

Top Females 45 to 49

1) Lisa Kelley   45 29.34.96

2) Michelle Page  49   29.49.57

Top Females 50 to 59

1) Nancy Newton    53   28.25.95

2) Pam Mc Guire     52   28.26.78

Top Females 60 to 69

1) Pat Corcoran   66   36.09.39

2) Nancy Kamphaus  60   49.00.37


Female Overall Walker

Kataina Elgersma   13   42.54.22

Top Females 29 & under

1)  Lauren Rhodes     5   43.15.84

2)  Trinity Cecil      11      45.56.66

Top Females 30 to 39

1) Crystal Rhodes   33   43.15.96

2) Emily Danner      34   45.21.67

Top Females 40 to 49

1) Sara Remotigue  42   44.29.97

2) Karen Rhodes     49   48.06.75

Top Females 50m to 59

1) Kim Sohngen  56   44.47.21

2) Donna Socha   58  44.49.98

Top Females 60 to 97

1) Linda Hirschfeld       62    47.26.78

2) Nancy Cooper           64   48.59.94


Mt. Washington Gateway

Mt. Washington Gateway

 Dedicated September 2010

The Project was managed by the MWCURC in cooperation with the City of Cincinnati and collaboration with the Mt. Washington Community Council. The monument rests on a portion of Stanbery Park. The Cincinnati Park Board and the Stanbery Park Advisory Committee were instrumental in this venture..

The monument was designed by the artist, Edward Casagrande, and a design team of Mt. Washington residents. The architectural team of Mark Macomber(Macomber Design Build) and Jim Frank (Frank Design Studio) designed the setting, administered and executed the project in conjunction with the artist, general contractor and subcontractors.

The monument is a gateway to the northern entrance to the Mt. Washington business district. The concave design welcomes. The monument langauge is our natural setting – the river, hills and sky of our region – while also paying homage to the iconic water tower, the beacon on the hill.

The Artist

Edward Casagrande

“I believe that through the design process, outlined in my proposal, there will be a final work that both celebrates the values and spirit of the community while establishing an iconic/ landmark gesture that will be woven into the community visual language. I feel that the dramatic and prime visual location along the hillside entry to Mt. Washington can deliver both the functional, required messaging and also symbolize the inherent character of the community.”

Artist’s Mission Statement

As  a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP), Edward Casagrande once envisioned turning steel into powerful archtectural expressions. While studying architecture, he developed a fascination with archeology and anthropology. Now equippped with these disciplines about culture, cultural artifacts, religious and spiritual notions, Edward began his exploration of symbology, riual, ceremony, and meaning. After nearly eleven years as an architectural designer, Edward changed his path and his life’s focus.

Edward’s design language is revealed through a simple mantra “earth,sky and in-between love!” His twelve years as a sculptor have gained him national recognotion by private, corporate and pulic at aficianados. Edward’s work at Procter and Gamble, Aveda Frederic’s, the Ronald McDonald House, ISI and many other commercial and residential locations.

The Design Team

Jim Frank

Jim operates Frank Design Studio, LLC, a Mt. Washington business. He is also a past president and current board member of the MWCURC. Jim has been active chairing he MWCURC Economic Developemt Committee and was an active participant in the 2007 Mt. Washington Comprehensive Plan process.

FRANK DESIGN STUDIO, LLC provides professional landscape architecture, site development, and land planning consulting services that offers creative and technically sound expertise in diverse markets for private and public clients. Mr. Frank offers a full range of land planning and design services that are carefully formulated to deliver creative, responsive, and efficient solutions for his clients. As a andscape architect, Mr. Frank has accumulated over 22 years of industry experience.

Mark Macomber

Mark has been active in the Mt. Washington community for almost 20 years. He is a past president and current board member of the Mt. Washington Community Council and current President of the MWCURC. Mark owns and operated Macomber Design Build

Macomber Design Build   Cincinnati’s emerging design build firm is leading the market in residential and commercial design options of the future, such as sustainable and universal design options and products. Macomber Design Build offers a variety of design, building, landscaping, and consulting services customized to fit every clients needs. Macomber Design Build specializes in: residential and commercial comprehensive renovations including; kitchens and baths , additions and whole house renovations, custom millwork and cabinetry, state of the art recording studios and media rooms, and outdoor living spaces and gardens. In addition to the myriad of design build services we provide, Macomber Design Build offers comprehensive consulting services including: real estate pre-purchase , residential and commercial pre-construction evaluations and feasibilities, universal and sustainable design and energy evaluations. Macomber Design Build is committed to designs that acheive more than just improved aesthetics. We strive to improve our clients’ quality of life by creating functional and quality living spaces throughout the home and workplace. Macomber Design Build’s unique approach to merging the design and construction phases of work into one streamlined process, produces higher quality outcomes for our clients while helping to control construction costs.

The City of Cincinnati

funding for the Gateway was provided through the City of Cincinnati, Neighborhood Business District Improvment Program. This program is adminstered by the Community evelopment Program of the City of Cincinnati. Funds were granted through a competitive process of peer review through the CNBDU, the Coalition of Neighborhood Business Districts United.

Final Note: The “Before Picture” – The Old Mt. Washington Gateway